About Us

FrightNights.com is owned and maintained for personal use. We are not a major corporation or trying to sell a product and make money. Just as many people spend time and money to put up lavish Christmas decorations, there are just as many of us that do the same for Halloween. This site is intended to help other people out there in the world learn more about decorating and preparing for the Halloween holiday. It is for the "newbie" of home haunting to find the help they need to do anything from have a frightening haunted house to having just a fun and festive party. Most items on this site are easy to do and can and should be done with the help of family and friends.

This site is based out of the Quad-Cities area in Iowa and Illinois. If you happen to be in this region and would like for your house or haunted event to be displayed on, mentioned, or linked from FrightNights.com, please contact us. We would love to send some victims your way by advertising your haunt. We expect to gain nothing from promoting your attraction except the satisfaction in knowing that there are other haunters in the area who absolutely love Halloween!

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