Halloween Books

The books listed below are linked to detailed information and purchasing options at Amazon.com. They may also be purchased from local book stores, other online outlets or Terror by Design.

Make-Up Books

Special Make-Up Effects by Vincent J-R Kehoe -
This is a great book to have if you are looking in to trying out using make-up for Halloween. There is alot of information and images to let you get started on applying scary make-up.
Do-It-Yourself Monster Makeup by Dick Smith -
If you are even thinking of learning anything about make-up, this book is a "must have". It is the ultimate in make-up books and has pictures, instructions, tips, and anything else you need to know to get started on applying frightening make-up.

Prop Building Books

Give Them a Real Scare This Halloween by Joseph Pfeiffer -
This is one of the best and funniest books made for the Halloween enthusiast. It not only has prop ideas, but it gives you the information in a simple and humerous way. Buy it if you can, it is worth every penny!
How to Haunt a House for Halloween by Robert Friedhoffer -
An uninspiring worthy effort. Unlike the taunting title, it is a book of magic tricks. The only difference between this and a magic book is that the tricks are scary party tricks. It covers illusions that can be easily accomplished by a 3rd or 4th grader.
The Complete Haunted House Book by Tom Harkelroad
This book covers building, operating, promoting, and profiting on a haunted house, hayride, or forest attraction. This book covers make-up, costumes, masks, scenes, special effects, illusions, and much more. Keep in mind, this is not a child's book. Although this is a serious book on haunted attractions, it is written in a fun, easy-to-read style. It is a little extensive for a home haunter, but has some information worth reading.
Haunted House Halloween Handbook by Jerry R Chavez -
This handbook is similar the the Harkelroad title above. It covers what it takes to start a income generating haunted house. A good book for ideas, but not as helpful for those just wanting to decorate a house.

Craft Books

175 Easy-To-Do Halloween Crafts - This book is "cute" but not worth the money if you are looking for new and unique ideas. All of the 175 activites can be done by school age children and is best purchased with that in mind. Most of the crafts involved pipe cleaners or construction paper.
Halloween : 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas - This book is published by the folks at Better Homes and Gardens and thus the items inside reflect that. This book is for the craft saavy people who have the talent of Martha Stewart. Alot of the ideas are beautiful, but too difficult and time consuming for the average person. Best bought by those who want a "festive fall" look and less of a "creepy eerie" look.