Halloween Party Games

Can You Hear a Ghost?

Choose one person to be the ghost. Everyone else closes their eyes and stands very still, listening for the ghost. The ghost walks around the room, standing behind the silent players. When the ghost is behind someone, the ghost counts slowly (and silently in their mind) to ten. If the person the ghost is behind does not say "is there a ghost behind me?" before the ghost finishes counting, the ghost tells them they are dead and they are out of the game. If that person does in fact say those words then they join the ghost and try to eliminate the rest of the players. If everyone gets eliminated then the ghost wins. Otherwise the last persons who becomes a ghost wins

Guess The Pieces of Candy in a Jar

Fill a jar with various Halloween candies. Count the number of pieces as you fill the jar. Have each guest try and guess how many pieces are in the jar. The person with the closest guess wins. The winner can either get a prize or the jar of candy can be the prize.

Halloween Word Game

Ask each guest to make as many different words as he or she can by using the letters in Halloween, Trick or Treat, Haunted House or some other Halloween word.

Bobbing for Skulls

An interesting spin on the Apple Bobbing game. Sink numerous tiny plastic skulls into a bucket of gross, slimy stuff. Try to find a container that is deep enough to go to the elbow. Each person has to reach into the stuff with their hand and fish out a skull. Some, but not all, of the skulls will be marked for prizes. Some suggestions for the goo: Mix together jell-0, cooked pasta, jelly, uncooked beans, pudding, raw eggs, etc. This will make a mess, so plan on towels for your guests to wipe their hands off.

Ghost Hunter

Each ghost is a lollipop covered with tissue paper, tied with ribbon with a letter written on the ghost. Use a marker a add eyes and a mouth to the ghosts. Number the ghosts so that if a person finds one that is not theirs, they do not pick it up. Each team is given clues to find ghosts that can be hidden outside or inside. Note: Don't place all the ghosts together or the kids will grab the first ghost they see rather than find the ghost you want them. Also, tell them not to untie the ghosts until after the game is over. So send them off to different areas. You'll want 1 ghost per guest or a specified number per team, but have extras so each child gets a ghost.

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

Based on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", it can be done with any Halloween character or object. You can pin a wart on a witch, a tail on a black cat, fangs on a dracula, or even a name on a tombstone!

Mummy Wrap

Divide the kids into teams and have them wrap one person on each team in toilet paper until completely covered (leaving face exposed). Then have the wrapped mummies have to run (or squirm) to a finish line. The first team done is the winner. Make sure to designate a judge to decide when a mummy is completely wrapped!

Ghosts in the Graveyard

How still can you be? The last person left wins!
Choose one person to be the grave keeper. The grave keeper closes his/her eyes and counts to ten while everyone else gets into a good frozen position and stands very still. The grave keeper then walks around looking for anyone who moves. If the grave keeper catches you moving (breathing doesn't count), you are out. You can move positions when the gravekeeper's back is turned but don't get caught moving. The last person left is the winner and can be the new grave keeper if you choose to play another round.

Pumpkin Golf

Carve out a pumpkin. Make the mouth extra large. Build a cardboard ramp about one to two feet side from the ground to the bottom of the pumpkin's mouth. You will probably need some support under the cardboard. Tape the ramp to the floor for stability. Mark a starting point a few feet from the start of the ramp. The older the kids, the farther away. Each player gets to hit a golf ball three times. Each time the ball goes into the pumpkin, the player wins a prize.

Guess The Weight Of The Pumpkin

Have each guest try to pick the pumpkin up and guess how much they think it weighs. They can write their answer on a piece of paper with their name on it and slip it into a guessing BOO BOX. The winner can either get a prize or the prize can be the pumpkin!

Bobbing for Apples

The same fun activity played at many fall parties. Fill a pale/bucket/bin/barrel with water and drop in some apples. Have guests plunge in after the apples, trying to pick on up with only their mouth.