How to Build
A Cemetary Fence

Items Needed To Build As Shown
4 pieces of 1" x 2" pine (two 1x4 boards cut in half) at 8 ft
PVC poles of 3/4" inside diameter and 10 ft high
Box of Screws or nails
Flat black spray paint
Finials (originally we used skull whistle party favors but those were upgraded to larger skulls)
Glue or equivalent to hold finials in place on poles
Rods or stakes to hold fence up
Tools: hammer, drill, measuring tape, and a saw

Measure the space you wish to place the fence and then cut your pine accordingly. This one measures 16 foot in front of the cemetary, which is actually two 8ft sections fastened together. Decide the height you wish for the fence to be and then cut/saw the PVC pipe to the correct size. The most economic way may be to make all poles the same height of 5 feet as shown here. You can also stagger the heights by cutting some of the 10 foot poles to 6ft and 4 ft lengths, then alternate the pole heights.

Drill holes in the wood at about 1 to 1 1/8 inches in diameter (large enough to fit the 3/4" pipe through). Measurements here are a hole 6 inches from each end and then 12 inches between poles. Take the PVC poles and slide through the holes of one of the boards. Drill and nail boards to poles at the proper height, here it is 12 inches from the top. Then, slide the lower board on the poles and nail the lower board on. The height of the lower board is 16 inches from the ground.

At this point, the fence is built. Now, just pound in the stakes to hold up the fence and place the PVC pipes over each stake. After it is standing, glue each of the finials to the top of the PVC posts. You can glue to the top of each or to the top of every other one as shown. Let glue dry and spray paint entire fence.