How to Build Halloween Props

There are probably thousands of props you could build to make your house seem scarier on the big "Fright Night". The ones described and detailed on this site were made personally by us. Most of the ideas came from the back of our imagination, while many others were built by getting ideas from Mark Butlers Monster List of Halloween Projects. Many other ideas and help has been found by the subscribing to the friendly and easy going Halloween-L List as well as the more advanced Howl 2000 List. These sites and lists are great places to go to not only get ideas on making new props but to also meet people with the same interests, Halloween!


Cemetary Fence Tombstones
Scary Lamp Post Severed Head
PVC Pipe Figures CheeseCloth Ghosts
Fog Chiller Transformation Box
Space Ship Paper Mache Trees
3/4 Life Size Coffin Electric chair

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