How to Build
A Fog Chiller

Items Needed To Build As Shown
Large cooler (approximately 48 ct)
3" diameter ABS plastic pipe (atleast 3 feet)
3" ABS plastic 90 degree elbow joints
3" ABS plastic coupling hubs
3"x2" ABS plastic reducer coupling hub
2'x3' piece of 1/2" square hole wire mesh
5" expandable clamps
Tube of black silicone caulk
Can of black spray paint

The cooler is the same kind found in most department stores, but can also be found at garage sales. The ABS plastic pipe and connectors are found in the plumbing department at most hardware stores.

The first step is to cut a hole through each end of the cooler. Cut three lengths of the 3" ABS pipe, two at 3 inches long and the third one about a foot long. The 12 inch piece is only a temporary size for the length and will be re-cut later.

Using wire cutters, cut the screen wire into a peice that is about 10 inches wide and as long as the length of the inside of the cooler. Roll the screen wire piece around a spare piece of 3 inch ABS pipe so that it has a basic tube shape. Lower the wire tube into the cooler and slide the 3" double-female connectors through the holes you cut so that an equal amount sticks out either side. Twist the screen wire into as tight a tube as possible and attach the clamps.

Using needle-nose pliers, bend the end of the wires under and over the lower screen wire, crimping to hold it in its tube shape. It will now appear to be a tube shaped wire cage that is attached at both ends of the chest. This tube is used to prevent the ice from blocking the path of the fog.

Now, seal the two 4 inch double-female connectors into the chest with the silicone caulk on the inside and outside of the cooler. You can now paint the chiller with the black spray paint. Set the fog machine on top of the chiller and cut off any excess until the fog machines' exit nozzle is aligned with and about one inch from the chillers intake nozzle. This allows outside cool air to be drawn in during operation.

fill it up to the top with ordinary ice cubes and close the lid tightly. Standard sized ice cubes work great. You should try to avoid very small ice cubes as they might slip through the screen wire into the cooling chamber and impede the flow of the fog.