How to Build
A Lamp-Post Scarecrow

Items Needed:
Lamp Post
Old Clothes
Broom Handle or Stick
Bag, Sheet, Cloth, or similar to use for a head.
Garbage Bags for Legs
Duct Tape

A broom handle is taped to the post at about arm height. The light becomes the head of the scarecrow. It is covered with a burlap sack but can be improvised by using cloth, an old sheet, a plastic bag, or anything you can think of. The face is made with a plastic "Scary Tree Faces" wrap around that was bought at Walgreens. For a cheaper version, the face can be made from shapes cut out of construction paper and taped to the head portion. A broom handle is then placed through a hole going through the pole. If your post does not have a hole, Duct Taping it to the pole also works. Place an old shirt over the broom, using the broom as the arms. On mine, a scarf was used at the neck to hold up the shirt and to cover parts of the lamp post. Legs are made from garbage bags filled with newspaper and Duct Taped to the pole. (Note: a similar, cheaper option is to throw a sheet over the lamp, tie a rope around it, and call it a ghost!)