How to Build
A Transformation Box

Items Needed:
Sheet of 1/2 inch plywood
2 Empty coffee cans
Piece of glass (since the glass is cut according to the inside dimensions of the finished box, the size will vary)
2 ceramic or rubber 120 volt light bulb sockets
2 light bulbs
2 Light dimmers 120 volt
Lamp wiring
Wood screws 1 inch long
Spray paint (color is according to personal preference)

How It Works:
The basic premise of the box is based on reflection. Looking at a large window during a sunny day lets you view what is outside, but looking out the same window from a brightly lit room at night only shows you a reflection of yourself. This is how the box works. As you can see from the images, the first shows the head of a woman. The second image shows the head as well as some of the reflection of a second object, a skull. The third shows just the skull. Please keep in mind that photographs do no justice for this great prop. It is difficult to capture a dimly lit reflection with a plain old camera. Even so, seeing it for yourself is much creepier than any image could be.

With Halloween so close at hand, we have decided not to put up the Transformation Box instructions but instead link you to the place where we found our instructions. The Horror Dome has fabulous instructions and easy to read/understand images. .