How to Build
Tombstones in a Cemetary

Items Needed:
Anything you can find to resemble a Tombstone! This could be styrofoam, cardboard, plywood, etc.

The fire in the background is made with cheap citranella torches that can be bought at any store in the garden section for a few bucks.

This cemetary began in 1994 with three plastic store bought tombstones (look in the windows of the image to see plastic tombstones). These were painted with flourescent paint and stuck them on the roof and windows. They required no work, effort, or preparation.

Styrofoam headstones were added from someone getting rid of old haunted house props. The styrofoam ones are also painted in flourescent paint and are balanced on a cardboard box lid. These were cut out in the basic arc shape and then stenciled with lettering. Styrofoam holds up decently to weather, but the cardboard base doesn't.

A few were made with cardboard but after a good rain, one was destroyed. These do not hold up well under moisture and get soggy quickly.

Scrap wood is nice for making tombstones in the shapes of crosses and to make small tombstones to place among the larger ones. To save money, have friends or party guests make their own tombstones and donate them to your cemetary. They could use any materials and decorations they wanted to.